Checking Account Features

Your BECU checking account is more than just a place to stash your cash. Use it to simplify the way you shop and get paid. From direct deposit to digital wallets and more, BECU offers convenient products and services.

Direct Deposit 

If your employer offers direct deposit, good news: with BECU, getting set up is easy, convenient, and completely free. Let's help you get started!

Direct Deposit Benefits

  • Get direct access to your money on payday
  • Saving a trip to deposit a paycheck
  • No paper checks that might get lost or damaged
  • Automatically divide funds across multiple accounts of your choosing

How to Set up Direct Deposit

When you're setting up direct deposit with your employer, you'll need the following information: 

  • Your 10-digit BECU checking and/or savings account number. (Log in to Online Banking to get this number)

  • BECU's ABA/routing number: 325081403

  • Some employers require you to produce a blank/voided check, direct deposit verification letter, or fill out an enrollment form. Easily order checks and look up your account numbers through your Online Banking. Need a direct deposit verification letter? Stop by your nearest Neighborhood Financial Center.

Card on File Benefits

Keeping your BECU debit card on file with your favorite merchants, apps and bills simplifies your life. Each time you pay, your stored card information will be applied, saving the need to re-enter the card information manually.

Consider adding your card on file with online retailers such as Uber, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and many more. 

What you'll need:

  • Log into your retailer account or app of choice

  • Add your card information and save it

  • Add your billing information 

  • Start using your card without typing it in each time you make a purchase

Digital Wallets 

Digital wallets let you make purchases in-store without ever reaching for your debit card. They offer a secure, simpler and faster way to pay, giving you peace of mind.  In 2017, 37% of merchants accepted digital wallets, and that number will only rise as this feature gains in popularity. 

What you'll need: 

Simply enter your card information on your device's secure payment app. That information gets encrypted, enabling you to make purchases without the need to ever carry your physical wallet. 

Benefits of digital wallets:

  • Convenient. Easy electronic payments let you leave your real wallet at home

  • Secure. Merchants never receive your card info but a unique token to identify it

  • Fast. A simple scan of your device  is all it takes to pay

Supported wallet apps:

  • Apple Pay  - Accepted anywhere the Apple pay symbol appears.
  • Android Pay - Accepted anywhere the Android pay symbol appears.
  • Samsung Pay -Accepted anywhere the Samsung pay symbol appears. Newer Samsung devices are embedded with technology that connect to most magnetic swipe terminals.

Questions about setting up your direct deposit, adding your card on file with your favorite online retailers, or adding your card to your digital wallet? Stop by your nearest Neighborhood Financial Center or give us a call at 800-233-2328.

Refer to the Mastercard Guide to Benefits (PDF) for specific benefit information.